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Zomato is the largest food–tech company in the world having its presence in 23 countries and with a team size of over 2,000 employees. Having received multiple rounds of funding worth $225 million 'till date, Zomato has been operating in Turkey since the beginning of 2014.

We are looking for sales professionals at different levels of experience, to join our team in order to help us continue our (now usual) 2x revenue growth year-on-year.

Your role as a Sales Manager will be:

  • Acquiring and Retaining the right set of restaurants / cafes / bars in Istanbul in order for them to use Zomato's products and solutions for value maximization. These restaurants could be small stand alone shops and/or luxurious 5 Star hotel restaurants.
  • This is a field intensive role, where you will help restaurants to connect and engage with their audience through Zomato's wide range of product solutions.
  • You will be managing end-to-end client relationships; including pitching, negotiations, display of results and value demonstration in order for the restaurants to continue their fruitful relationship with Zomato.
  • Dealing and managing expectations on a daily basis with restaurant managers, restaurant owners, F&B managers/ General manager of hotels and/or even CEO's of big restaurant holdings and chain brands.Main performance criteria at Zomato is multi-dimensional growth; individual growth, collective growth, and revenue growth / penetration in the market. For us at Zomato, success = fun, and we are willing to do whatever it takes to have a great time and we celebrate our successes, doing that.

Here's what we are looking for:

  • You should come meet us at our Kolektif House office in Levent for a quick chat if the above piques your curiosity and if you feel like you have these required skills:
  • Problem-solving: We are looking for people, who thrive in situations where they have to constantly solve problems through analytical thinking, asking right questions, and coming up with right solutions to be executed.
  • Self-motivation: You need to be an individual, who self-motivates her/himself with success and improvement.
  • Dealing with ambiguity through perseverance: You will be in an extremely dynamic, ever-changing environment, which requires you to be able to deal with ambiguity through hard-work, perseverance, and will to always do better. We are always "1% Done" at Zomato.
  • Curiosity: You need to be curious to always know and learn more and have the highest level of interest in your individual and career development.
  • Ownership & discipline: You need to be someone who always displays the highest level of ownership towards the company as well as your own clients. Discipline needs to be top notch in order to meet deadlines and always do the right thing.
  • Communication: Written as well as oral communication skills are something that we value highly at Zomato. You will need to be able to formulate your thoughts well and articulate them clearly. It is a must!
  • Teamwork: You need to make sure that you are a team player and should be someone who collaborates with others to drive desired outputs.
  • Achieving Targets: Sales is not Sales without targets. We at Zomato believe in consistency in terms of over achievement of our individual sales targets and still be 1% done. If you think you can handle the constant pressure and excitement of sales targets, then Zomato Sales is your cup of tea.

For different roles within our sales team, we are looking for individuals, who:

  • Hold a relevant university degree,
  • 0-5 years of work experience,
  • Medium level English proficiency (should be able to communicate clearly with others in writing and spoken English),
  • Basic MS knowledge (we don't want to teach you how to put together a simple Excel chart, create a basic formula or put together a PowerPoint presentation)
Zomato 17.03.2017 Tam Zamanlı, Halkla İlişkiler, İstanbul

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